Student Work Analysis

Candidate: Evelyn Flores                                                                 

Title: Spring writing follow-up (Student Work Analysis)

Goal: Help student develop his writing through the use of various instructional strategies


  1. Student will learn ways to add details and personalize his writing.
  2. Student will learn ways to stretch and work with one piece over time, thus incorporating beginning, middle and end to hi writing.

Intended Audience: 2nd grade/ Writing workshop


  1. I would begin by communicating to the student what a great job they have done with their writing.
  2. I would express to the student all the wonderful qualities I found in his writing and give him an example of a few. Once again, this would bring me back to communicating to the student all the strengths I noticed in his writing.
  3. I would then transition into the main areas where I want my conference to focus on. In this case, I will be conferring and teaching this student, strategies he can use to help him personalize and add details to his writing.

Strategies for adding details using vocabulary:

  1. I would expose the student to vocabulary. Usually students refrain from adding details to their writing, not because they do not want to add details, but because they have minimal vocabulary to work with.
  2. Providing students with rich literature that incorporates rich vocabulary is a great way to help students develop their vocabulary skills.
  3. Another strategy that could be used to increase his vocabulary is to work with the student to analyze new and familiar words in his reading. He should make word lists of the words that he is unfamiliar with, from his readings. He should define them and try to think of (or find) other words that have similar phonemes.

Strategies for personalizing writing:

  1. A great way to help students personalize their writing is by encouraging students to write about themselves. For instance, in the classroom each student can have a writing journal where they can write about themselves, their likes and dislikes; favorite subject, color, or food, etc.
  2. I would model the strategy of personalizing my writing by giving the student an example of a personalized writing piece.

Strategies for stretching and working with one piece over time:

  1. Often times, students have difficulty working with one piece over time. From this students writing sample, I noticed that he began his story by writing he loves spring. As he continues writing, he lists all the reasons why he loves spring but he never really focuses on one small idea to write about.
  2. To help this student with the idea of having a beginning, middle and end in their writing; I would first begin by modeling what a small moment story looks like and explaining to him how we write small moment stories.
  3. I would also make sure to use paper that would accommodate to students writing. In other words, I would make sure the paper has a section on the top for pictures and lines on the bottom. I would also staple these papers in book form to facilitate their writing.
  4. I would model writing small moment stories by giving him an example of something I would write about. Since this student is in second grade, I would also model how to incorporate transition words into his writing.
  5. I would recommend the student to pick an idea from his writing and then together we would talk about how we would organize it and stretch the idea out through a number of pages.
  6. To facilitate the idea of beginning, middle and end, I would also incorporate the flow chart graphic organizer that helps students with sequencing.
  7. I would also encourage the student to use pictures to go with his writing because many times students can verbalize ideas after they illustrate their idea.


  • As a follow up, I would have this student incorporate all these ideas we discussed, adding details; personalizing writing and stretching a small moment over time, by writing about another topic.

Student Work Sample


Student Work Analysis: Strengths and Weaknesses Chart


Strengths Weaknesses

  • Make use of periods


  • Make use of capital letters


  • Works with one piece over time


  • Trying best to spell by stretching out words


  • Good use of vocabulary


  • Use of feelings


  • Begins story with a personal statement “I love spring”


  • Supports his statement of loving spring- with different ideas-> eating ice cream, go to the beach or ride your scooter



  • Use of the phrase “You can…”


  • Could have added more details


  • Could have personalized his writing


  • Student lists his ideas


  • No ending


  • No illustrations



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