Student Teaching Reflection

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          Throughout my student teaching experience at Jefferson Elementary School, I had the honor of working with an amazing group of teachers, staff, administrators, parents and most importantly students. Jefferson Elementary school is a diverse yet rich cultural community with students of different ethnic backgrounds. During this time I had the opportunity to develop as an individual, but most importantly as a professional. The guidance and support I received from my cooperating teachers and field supervisor were undoubtedly the best anyone can ever receive.

            In both classrooms where I completed my student teaching, my cooperating teachers always considered me as one of their colleagues. I attended weekly collaborative meetings for both Math and Literacy, in addition to having the opportunity to attend weekly “Lunch and Learns” where the technology teacher provided us with workshops on how to use the smart board. I got the opportunity to go on a trip with the fifth grade classes to Manhattanville College and give students and parent’s a tour of the school in addition to translating to the Spanish speaking parent’s important information about the college. I was able to participate in a dance my first placement teacher created for the Literacy Festival that was going on in the District of New Rochelle in honor of China.

          In addition, I was also given the wonderful opportunity to participate in the “Make and Take” event for all the second grade classes in which students wrote a book about a topic their class chose to write about and their parents would come to the school one evening and help their child illustrate the books. Lastly, another event I took part in was the “Math Family Night” in which the math specialist invited parents to teach them how to play fun math games that would in turn help their children learn basic math facts. For this event I also had the opportunity to translate for all the Spanish speaking parents.

            Furthermore, the students in both of my placements respected me and treated me as if I was one of their teachers. In many occasions, I found myself being bombarded with constant hugs from my students as I walked from the main office to the classroom. The constant affection from these students was unconditional and it made me realize the great impact I was having in these students’ lives. Although it was a short period of time I spent with these students, I can say I got the opportunity to know them on an individual level. Overall, I am honored to say I had the best student teaching experience and I will cherish all the memories I had with each and every student!


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